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I’ve always thought of health as a three-legged stool, a balancing act between:

Diet, exercise, and rest. If one of those legs should weaken and break the whole caboodle falls apart!

1. Diet: look into an ayurvedic diet. Not a one-size-fits-all, ayurvedic medicine is based on one’s age, the season of the year and, most importantly, one of three body types (called “Doshas”) Everyone is a mix of all three body types, with one being somewhat dominant. I’m still learning and doing research on this but I’m convinced it’s the way to eat!

2. Exercise: low-impact exercise - yoga, Tai Chi, and all that. Swimming (although, I don’t enjoy it personally), bicycling, and brisk walks. Anything that precludes injuring yourself is best. Think “eustress”, not distress!

3. Rest: I’d sleep 20 hours a day if I could but, ultimately, that would interrupt my nap time ;)

The mental aspect:
Relax, nothing is permanent and it's later than we think. Become a life-long learner. Stay inquisitive, read everything you can get your hands on! Take up new hobbies and travel regularly (although I don’t travel too often) Keeping an open mind and sense of humor is the best stuff on earth! Every experience in life is a lesson, in fact, all there is in life are lessons.

Emotional stuff:
Avoid addiction at all costs! Attachment is the sole source of mankind's unhappiness. Everything’s good in moderation. Forgiveness goes a long way, too, especially directed toward one's self. Let go of anger and resentment whenever you notice it weighing on your mind. That’s right! Set it down and walk away as often as you notice it even if it’s a thousand times a day! Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional. Don’t waste your energy regretting the past, as there’s nothing you can do to change it now. Don’t waste energy worrying about the future and what it holds. If there’s anything to be done about future calamity the only time to take action is now. The moment is all the time we ever have. Someone wise once said “The gateway to eternity is a very narrow passage”. I think they were referring to time and being present. If you stop to think about it the moment at hand contains everything we need. “Uncleared” emotions are distress and settle into the physical tissues of the body where they become disease. Faith in a higher power never hurt anyone (and they don't ask much of us) but don’t feel the need to "believe" anything. Just as the body doesn't need the mind to exist neither does the soul require an attachment to some abstract truth to carry on. Reality is not stranger than we imagine, its stranger than we can imagine.

If I think of anything else, I'll email but I’m having this incredible conversation now with a few people and it seems to go on forever!


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