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a book by Stephen Harrod Bruhner. Ironically enough, I wish I had called in sick to stay home and read this! Part history, part recipes.
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The Law of Diversity states that the more ecologically diverse any environment is the more ecologically stable the environment is.

(this is also referred to as the Law of Limited Competition)

4 Things Humans Do to Breach the Law of Diversity
• Exterminate competition.
• Systematically destroy their competitors' food source to make room for their own food source.
• Deny their competitors' access to food.
• Store food, to which competition is denied access.

Why would we breach the law of limited competition?
A growing population needs more food.
More food leads directly to a growth in population.
A growing population needs more food.
More food leads directly to a growth in population, and so on, and so on . . .

There is a myth in our culture to which we have adhered since the beginning of history (which is essentially the beginning of culture, or the beginning of 'time') that we have accepted as fact and, therefore, have made it our reality. That myth goes like this:

The earth was created exclusively for man and man, in turn, was created to rule the earth as he sees fit. Be fruitful and multiply . . .

Contrary to the reality that we have made from our myth, is a more fundamental reality that states that the Earth is a Community of Life which is bound together by certain laws (such as gravity, etc.) from which mankind is not exempt.

This community of Life thrives on the law of Diversity.

Any one species that defies this law is able to, and does, in effect:

Eliminate all competition for a food source.
Eliminate all of its food sources' competition, and
Eliminates any species that does not feed its food source.


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