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It appears that the sn-ice is disrupting the foraging activities of some of the local vermin. Although we're more accustomed to the bi-pedal variety, this one's been coming around lately looking for handouts of cat food, photo ops, and of course, cash. Everyone loves cash.

H and I agreed to postpone V-Day until Sunday because of the weather and general malaise on my part. We really need to come up with some holidays that don't disrupt my hibernation. An unexpected V-day gift from my longest running valentine, [ profile] lil_psy included a bottle of some very high-end absinthe and a pound of the poisonous herb it's made from. Thanks, Tre; and Happy V-Day!

I hope your move to Fl. goes smoothly, and that you prosper there.

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Like Charlie Brown I just misunderstand Christmas, I guess. Only, I don't like getting presents and I don't like sending Christmas cards and decorating trees, and all that shit. I’m still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed.

Poor and out of touch is more apt terms for it. It's embarassing for me. Not that I feel all religious and shit about it, but secular Christmas is nothing more than a material feeding frenzy for money addicts. . . Why don't we just exchange credit cards? I feel like a fool spending what little money I do earn on gifts that, I suppose, should express something about the connection I share with my loved ones (pack!). No "thing" does that for me. I'm a terrible gifter. Shopping in traffic with every other rushed, cranky idiot? - Fuck that bullshit! And the last thing I want in my world is some gadget taking up space in a drawer, closet, or a corner of the room. By all means, share an experience with me.

Ah, What I wouldn't give to be able to go back in time to relive one of those 12 days at my great grandmother Edie's house in Arlington back in the day. . . when my family was whole, or to fall asleep with my head under ye' olde tannenbaum looking up through the branches laiden with twinkling lights and other shiney things, with the scent of it and the fire, with its occasional pop as it dies a few feet away. What foolishness. . . for this is now.

No, I don't give an elf's ass about baby jesus' birthday or the pagan solstice festival it was re-scheduled to supplant while an ignorant and indigenous populace was too busy trying to survive a winter of foreign occupation to do anything about. It never even snows here anymore; we're lucky to get one good solid nor'easter a year. I don't care to store and un-pack all that red and green shit, scented like cloves and cinnamon or to haul it with me throughout all the rest of the days of the year. But I do hope that I will someday find a way to regain touch with the spirit of the season. Because I know that I'm missing out on something - I've felt it before (not necessarily during or around Christmas). . . and I know it's because of my own choosing.
God, grant me the ignorance to enjoy what I cannot stand
the credit to purchase what I cannot afford
and the serenity to muddle through
another 12 days of Christmas!
Does anybody else in here feel the way I do, Charlie Brown?


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