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7 messages from 'mayor' Mike last night. He sounds mad at me . . . .aw! But it's only because he can't deal with his own mind. Current subjects of obsession include:
∙ Scotts shelves
∙ Playing music with [ profile] kafrin67 and/or Scotty (his fantasy, not mine)
∙ the 'glass incident' (again, none of my concern)
∙ various people who he fears view him as an idiot, laugh at him, etc. (Gee, I wonder why!)
∙ an overriding concern with our inability to change the past.
∙ A slew of other circular arguments that I could care less about
All messages are saved in the case that I feel the need to make a harassment issue of it, which is why I only gave him my work number and not my cell (and back then he promised not to call obsessively - I hate when I know people better than they know themselves). Secure people wouldn't let this kind of thing bother them, sane people would find a more productive and healthy way of dealing with it besides a series of phone calls in the middle of the night - what a punk!. The thing is when Mike's cool he can be really cool. I've observed for years how his neurosis is cyclical, but lately I'm starting to see an old familiar pattern -

If people would only exercise some modicum of self-control we wouldn't need laws to moderate everyones' picky-uni behavioral issues. But for all else, there's nothing like a good old fashioned ass-whipping for holding one accountable for their actions.
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I suggested to Mike (the new mayor of Annandale) that he might consider volunteering for a charitable organization so as to channel his obsessive cumpulsion to clean and organize other peoples' things rather than wasting his efforts on Scotty (who, very obviously, doesn't appreciate it). I wasn't received very well, "Fuck that, I make all kinds of money, I ain't doin' shit for free!". So it would seem that the cumpulsion isn't so much for order, but rather centers around my house, or Scotty's personal problems.

Or, as is more likely, he's not interested in helping anyone unless it stirs up trouble.

Perhaps instead of exchanging gifts this year at Chrispmas folks should exchange personal problems to solve for each other.


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