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Hear Mike Babble!

Voice over IP is a beautiful thing, indeed! Only giving Mike my work number the day he asked for my updated cell number was a stroke of sheer genius on my part - this fuck just doesn't give up, just won't go away. But now, rather than sitting through 15 minutes of him babble on and on and on about how fucked up Scotty and Mrs. Lebowski are (and what I should and shouldn't be doing about it) or alternately deleting his messages forthright and unheard I simply point, right-click and save as . . . and voila! Every 70meg's or so, burn a copy to CD of "Mr. P's Stupidest Hits" (volumes I thru ∞, at this rate) and send it to him in the mail - for Christmas, maybe!

(Phone's ringin', dude!)

Too bad I can't see Mike mind his own fuggin' bud'ness!
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The way you're up our ass about the renovations at Medford you ought to just take that leap and start the Older Residential Annandale Homeowners Association (ORAHA!) I'm not sure that gives your obsessive compulsions any real credibility, but it sure seems that other obsessive/compulsives get a lot of mileage from HOA's when it comes to minding the business of their neighbors.

Or, maybe we should just nominate you for Mayor!


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