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Lil' D showed me a site on the intarwebs last night that she's interested in subscribing to. So called Club Penguin, it's a very Second Life-like site geared towards flightless bird loving kids (a digital rat-race primer, if you will). It's cute, interactive, internet-based community with games and puzzles, pets and property, its own economy, etc. all set within the context of its own little Arctic "world". Naturally, it costs to subscribe, I think $6.95/month (some of which I would insist come out of her allowance!)

And, naturally, I'm not sure how I feel about all this. On the one hand, I certainly don't want to discourage her interest in anything and reading skills are of paramount importance to really get anything out of this, and I'll do anything to encourage that. I feel that it's important that she get a sense of virtual environments and netiquette as soon as she shows interest. And on the other hand, there were already kids (I assume!) in there with that "any girls?" mentality. Obviously, I seized the opportunity to warn her about "these assholes", and the fact that there are a lot worse out there. . . I want that my daughter learn about predators as much by example and as little through experience as possible. All in all, I think the opportunity out-weighs the risk.

My other issues with this situation are mostly personal, stemming from my attitude about what I refer to as the "virtual rat-race". There again it's not a bad way to learn about it. It's all about learning with me. So, obviously I have some more research to do before I establish a position, one way or another. And I put this out there for anyone else interested and/or opinionated; because I know there are some 2nd lifers on my Flist, and there are some parents, and some parents who are also 2nd Lifers, and one of you is even Lil'D's co-operative parent.

So, whatya' think?


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