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Local sources for raw milk (VA, Shenandoah Valley)

  • Middleburg: Day Spring Farm, (540) 687-6036, 21338 Steptoe Hil Rd, Middleburg, VA 20117., . Day Spring farm offers cow share opportunities as well grass fed beef and lamb. They also raise pasture poultry both chicken and turkey and sell fresh eggs. They offer naturally dyed yarns from their flock of Romeny sheep. The beef is from a fold of Highland cattle which are known for producing a tasty lean beef. Give them a call or email. They are open by appointment. Bring your family and tour the farm.

  • Middletown/Winchester: Cornerstone Farm, Stan & Shana Evans, (540) 869-6869 or (540) 514-9523. GOAT SHARES AVAILABLE for milk, kefir and cheese. Brown and blue EGGS available from free-range chickens. KEFIR GRAINS also for sale. FRESH PRODUCE available Spring through Fall.

  • The Plains: (one hour west of Washington DC) Over The Grass Farm, a 450 acre diversified farm, (540) 2S53-5228 (office), Raw Milk through a Cow Share program, garden produce, grass-finished beef and lamb, eggs, honey, homemade jams and jellies.

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