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Whoa! Gingersaurus Rex! Gingeritis - You'd better be sick. . . Medicinal strength ginger ale for sure! Fizzy after only two weeks in the bottle, though it dissipates quickly. I hope they retain a little more CO2 as they age, as well, I hope the flavor mellows with time. The over-powering presence of ginger makes tasting anything else in this nearly impossible; very dry yet not crisp like I was aiming for. At 8.5% these alco-pops are nothing more than an ethyl alcohol-fueled vehicle for ginger, ginger, and more ginger. To get any more gingery you'd probably have to blow the gingerbread man.
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Oh yeah, they're starting to pop now. Sometime between Jan 13th, when I put aside whatever I bottled then, and tonight when I went looking for something to drink with anti-freeze in it I uncovered the box that I had some ciders stashed away in to find that one out of the 1½ dozen or so in there has the bottom of the bottle sheared cleanly away. The good news is there's no mess; nothing sticky, stinky, or wet to clean up - in fact the box is dry as a bone so it must've happened a few days ago. So far, it's the only one to burst and the bottle's in four neat pieces. I remember now that I primed three gallons of that for bottlng with a 12 oz. can of frozen apple juice concentrate. I have another 5 gallons of the same (only made with a better recipe than "apple cider & WLP775") in primary now that I'll probably prime with as much cranberry juice cocktail (just for the novelty of it) and I'll see how that does me.

I can't say a whole lot for the flavor - it's still apple cider. It's not better or worse; it's just not delicious! Ah, well. . . still a significant source of vitamin A. It's not a bad first effort - more "appley" says [ profile] deviathan.


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