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Up at 5 dark thirty and over to Annapolis, MD by 8. I volunteered at the 25th Annual Hospice Cup, which consisted mostly of the usual stuff: Regulating parking, selling raffle tickets, and helping C facilitate the live auction.

I met a working artist, Linda Gosman, who donated one of her watercolors and it auctioned for way more than I earn in a month. We talked a bit about the business end of painting (not that I can paint) but she said that prints of her paintings were pretty much the way to go where marketing is concerned, rather than waiting to sell individual originals. I described to her my own struggle with the creative process and this is where I met the artist. She said to me there is a certain purity in creating (for her, watercolors), that the only time she's really in touch with herself is when she creates. She also told me to not allow fear to get in the way, to not censure a piece (an idea) before it's even on a canvas. Artists are those who create in spite of fear; and all artists are afraid on one level or another. Most importantly she said never wait for inspiration. If there is an idea present or an assignment hammer it out even if the fina; result is not a 'successful' piece. That's expression.

But I s'pose that's the main reason I do these things, not that they're not fun otherwise. But they put me in line to make these otherwise very unlikely connections. Throw in a lot of work and a coupla Wild Goose IPA's on the lawn of the Manresa Mansion on the shore of the Severn River and it really makes for a very surreal experience, and in hindsight even dreamlike.

On that note, I guess I'll make some breakfast and go out and mow the lawn.
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You're a good judge, M' belle . . . that's for damncertain! Whether by
logical deduction, a keen intuitive sense or an uncommon blend of the two
or something else entirely. Me? I think and think and think and think and jump
(whether the outcome be right, wrong, or wait and see!) It always comes
down to faith in that final moment. . .

Yeah, well. . .

I probably should've asked you years ago, but I didn't think to. Probably
too ashamed for not being able to commit to my own choices or unwilling to
put you on the spot; but it's come to this. . .

Belle, what should I do with my life?

she says . . . I shit you not! )

. . . Which is not to say I would mind hearing from any of you. After all, I'm asking!

The creative process is like shit, you don't just take a dump on command. It's like huge zit - you can squeeze it all you want and it just hurts. It'll pop when it's ready!


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