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Dana's been committed . . .

The bad news is that the night she came home to drop of her little breakdown and all her other problems, she brought 4 four cats with her, a momma, a dadda, a motor box of a kitten, and another neutered male; all of the over-xpensive rag doll variety. She said she was taking care of them for a friend and, while she convalesces, they're stuck at Medford. Because her life is so steeped in secrecy we have no idea who these cats belong to. By the looks of the momma cat's eye malady whoever they belong to isn't very competent.

I called Mt. Vernon to roust Sis into calling anyone who can come and take these high-end rat catchers off my hands, even if it's just another chickenhead. The nurse at the front desk transfered my call down to the psych ward where apparently any patient can pick up the phone. I hate to create anymore trouble for her but this is the self same stupid shit that has followed her around her entire life - taking on obligations of others while she can't take care of her own responsibilties, and rather than asking for help or admitting she's in over her head they're simply dumped on the people around her unfortunate enough to care.

The long and short is that we're moving in on Saturday and the cats are moving out not later than Friday, even if I have to take them to a shelter.

Deep roller

May. 8th, 2006 10:54 am
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Mom says seeing Sisterelli this weekend was like something straight outta the Exorcist, she was strapped to the bed with her hair disheveled and in her face.

"Are you one the assholes trying to keep me here?!"

"I'm not only one of the assholes. . . I'm your mother!"

The good news is that she's agreed to stay at the hospital for another few days. She's come to the realization that she is unable to drink casually, and she hasn't been for years. She has finally come to her personal crossroads, and all that. What will be difficult is extracting her from the culture, especially where I am part of that culture to a certain extent. It'll be easy enough for me to censure my actions around my sister, being that I don't associate that closely with her. But then, that has a lot to do with the company she keeps. So, who can say? This might just be what we all need.

It's just occured to me that no one's told J-Me, yet . . .


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