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We're beginning to see the drawbacks of owning a home in a small town that we don't actually live in yet. We came home on Saturday to discover that the 'parking' lane in front of 1006, the little 50 yards or so of the right south bound lane of 340, that tapers into-non existence just beyond the end of our driveway has been eliminated in favor of a middle left turn lane for the apartment complex across from us. There's a town council meeting about it tonight, of all nights (weekenders tactically discouraged). H has a commitment to watch lil'R for [ profile] emzebel; I could conceivably make it there by 7pm, except that I'm on a bicycle (get off at 5:30, ½ hour cycle, shower, another >hour in traffic through Dum-asses, errr. . . not lookin' too feasible) not to mention that I'm down to choosing between gas or food, financially speaking (does anybody else in here feel the way I do?)

If Em is willing to have me stay with Jr. H seems to think she can get up there by 7 and articulate a decent POV for why the turn lane is a Bad Idea. I mean, it's already a pain in the dick to get in and out of that driveway, as it is, but having her there with her objectivity and mad oratory skills rather than my smelly mug screeding on about "Git that goddamn, loud-ass highway off my lawn!" Fact of the matter is, there isn't really a solution that suit everybody, without building a Fr'oyl Belt'away.

Now, if they're wedded to the middle turn lane idea, perhaps we'd be willing to settle for having the town subsidize or little driveway project. . .
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. . . We've made an offer on a house!

*EDIT* If you'd like to get your hopes up on our behalf you can take the virtual tour of 1006 N Royal Ave., although we'll be spinning far better tunes should the deal go through! You might want to mute your volume settings accordingly ;)


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