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I believe that today Pops is confronting the hippies (mostly Scotty) about the pot, the state of the house and his girlfriend, [ profile] kafrin67, (henceforth known here as Mrs. Lebowski!, and hopefully not mentioned again). H has stated her case this weekend to Pops and I really need for him to do the dirty work of giving her the throw - not because I don't want to, mind you, but because the physical property is his and therefore the authority to do so. I feel that if I were to go in there enforcing a new standard willy-nilly and 'soup nazi' style then I would be drawing a line between my brother and I, and that's counter-productive.

I have three goals while I live at Medford:
∙ Save down payment on a house
∙ Repair as much as I can, and general maintenance, on the property
∙ Help Scotty get his shit together in as much as he's open and 'coachable'
And each of these initiatives stand directly in the way of Mrs. Lebowski's steady weed supply and flop house/commune fantasy. I've really got to hand it to Mr. P, a guy who doesn't have the sense to wear shoes over his socks when he goes out in public, and is a general pain in the ass when he's (frequently) wound up, he has really helped me to realize the gravity of what goes on between them - because Mrs. Lebowski, up until now, has been very careful to watch her behavior around me, and I've warned her that I'm not going to stand for the white trash yelling and screaming bit. Mike has this obsession with helping Scotty get his act together, which is what all the organizing and phone messages were about, and is privy to a lot of the things that the hippies actively keep hidden as much as they can and the abuse patterns that I simply don't have the temporal capacity to piece together - and I really appreciate his help and concern. Between he, H, Pops, and I we are a unified front to straighten things up around there, and it's a cryin' shame that it's come to this. But the very first step is to get Mrs. Lebowski out of that house, and I can only hope that Pops can get through to Scotty today and she makes "the list". . .

She can blame H all she wants; but H and Pops have an agreement between them, she was invited and is, for all intents and purposes, 'pack'; whereas Mrs. Lebowski is none more than a guest who has long overstayed her welcome.
H draws a lot of water in this house. You don't draw shit, Mrs. Lebowski. Now we got a nice, quiet little community here, and I aim to keep it nice and quiet. So let me make something plain. I don't like you sucking around, bothering our citizens, Mrs. Lebowski. I don't like your jerk-off name. I don't like your jerk-off face. I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you, jerk-off. Do I make myself clear?

Keep your ugly fuckin' goldbrickin' ass out of Medford!
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I see what the problem was. . .

She thought Medford was a commune!
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I finally managed to cull all the bits of my home computer together after the move, and now that I have access to my editting tools I've decided that I don't have enough pictures on my journal.

I've lived in this house for over 30 years and I've seen water get pretty high, but not like this )
I'm just glad very little got into the house.
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I asked the universe for help and it's responded. But yet again, the response is in the form of a question:
"I'm gonna provide you with exactly what you need to help you solve your problem. What I want to know is, are you mature enough to overcome your own prejudices enough to recognize the possibilty and accept it for what it might be rather than what you expect it should be?"

I'm reminded of this as Mr. P and I were re-ordering Scott's room last night.
For as long as we deny responsibility for our shortcomings and blame the adversity we experience in life on sources outside of ourselves we will remain subject to them and powerless to initiate any control in changing them.
My unkempt surroundings make me feel powerless.
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To say that we had a breakthrough late last week and that it was in form of putting up a door seems somewhat antithetical, but it establishes, physically, the concept of Medford North and Medford South. I'll spare the dog-chase-tail bullshit details of what it took to get that installed, but it's enough to say that we can now lock the skunk out and the cat in. Pender's behind us now and we are alone in the wilds of Annandale . . . with hippies.

On to the next bottleneck!
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The way you're up our ass about the renovations at Medford you ought to just take that leap and start the Older Residential Annandale Homeowners Association (ORAHA!) I'm not sure that gives your obsessive compulsions any real credibility, but it sure seems that other obsessive/compulsives get a lot of mileage from HOA's when it comes to minding the business of their neighbors.

Or, maybe we should just nominate you for Mayor!
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Yeah, I know I'm on vacation, but I got so much done today. Well, we got a lot done and this is big shit - strictly group effort! Things really didn't start moving until [ profile] lil_psy showed up. I guess Scotty and my dad and I all realized that we can't goof off and waste our volunteer's time. The truck was basically loaded last night with enough of an opportunity afterward to catch up with Tre over plum sake and riesling. She met back up at Medford this morning and we were on the road to Bentonville by 1:30pm. It clearly wasn't in Scotty's game plan to travel an hour to move a bunch of furniture this afternoon but between Pops and Tre they were able to convince him to adjust his plans to help. In fact he's invested quite a significant bit of time and energy into this project, so much that it couldn't happen without him. Pops conceived the hold plan, folks like Tre volunteered themselves to help and it's greatly appreciated and wouldn't happen without you, either. And me. . . I just coordinate everything, and pick things up over here and put them over there, pay for this and that, and basically grease the cogs as the process rolls along. I need to be more respectful of the plans of my volunteers - after it was clear that we wouldn't get the truck back to Burke by 4:30pm, cutting $30 off the rental of the van, I kinda slacked on leaving B-ville (as I'm apt to do) and inadvertently hijacked her evening (economy won out over good sense, and I should've had her follow us up in her car giving her the freedom to leave when she's done and Scotty wouldn't have had to return to Trafficland locked in the back of the cargo van). But, I do appreciate you inclusion, [ profile] lil_psy. You brought us good fortune, your effort was valiant, and your patience strong. I owe you double, even if it's something you can trust me to carry out independently while you're off having fun somewhere else. Test this, and thank you again! Thank you to Jenna at Shurgard for wrangling a last-chance van outta thin air. It's beyond encouraging to work with so many people toward a common goal and have everything go so well. [ profile] the_autumn_knew, were you serious about painting? That's next!
Moved from Medford N: )

I've a couple batches to get into RE before I head off to Operation: Jamber and Amie in Delabama - gonna spend a lot of time on the highways this week, but my vacation, so far is off to a wonderful start especially when I consider that it's not always about relaxing and taking it easy - it's about a change of pace.
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We took a walk-through last night of Medford with Pops to collaborate on a list of all the things about the house that need to be fixed. Unfortunately H got (yet another) taste of the very negative family dynamic between ScottyBoy and K. This is, in a nutshell, her trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do and so resorts to manipulating him, and he resists and she doesn't back off, and the whole thing escalates quickly into him blowing a gasket and shouting at her at the top of his lungs. The intensity to which he gets wound up over these spats is entirely unhealthy and quite frightening to witness . . .

While we're living there this shit will not wash. While we're living there this is more of the sort of things we need to 'fix'. The trouble is that in the 2 or 3 years Scotty and K have been together she has become a friend of mine also, so it will be difficult not to appear to be taking sides while maintaining a position of complete neutrality. The only only 'side' I'm on is that of peaceable conflict resolution, and if that means forcing K to go (to her actual) home when these arguments break out, then so be it. I don't mean to portray K in a bad light, either. It's simply a matter of the polarity between she and him. Obviously, Scotty doesn't have these outbursts when there's no one there to press his buttons. After K left last night he was back to his normal jovial self within a few minutes. I hope that I might influence Scotty in such a way that he is no longer susceptible to being manipulated by anyone into doing something he doesn't want to do, and also to coach him on more effective ways to deal with conflict in general. You can lead a horse to water . . .

We know going into this that it's a far from perfect arrangement. The idea is for it benefit everyone involved as much as it challenges us. My sincere wish is that together we can overcome a lot of the damage that has been done through this incredibly negative frequency of neglect and violence that has permeated my family for the last ten years. These are the symbols that we work with.
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