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[Error: unknown template qotd]Personally, I really don't care for poetry until such point as I do. It comes down to a question of quality, I suppose. I don't know that poetry speaks to the "mind" so much as it is meant to inspire us emotionally. I think that poetry these days is bundled, packaged, and marketed so tightly with music, and incredibly crappy music for most part that its importance and relevance is certainly marginalized (part of what I believe to be the intentional destruction, or "dumbing down" of western culture). So, to this question my answer is yeah, irrelevent to the mind, but if it somehow inspires the individual who happens to be using that same mind for great things, then. . . .

One ought to remember that emotions are often a chemical reaction of the body to the mind; the mind being somewhat of a portal, the brain being more of a organic "radio tuner" rather than organic "hard drive" (I tend to consider the mind a tool on the best days and a weapon against the self and others on the worst).

Poetry not irrelevant, though. I'm craving oysters. . .
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The less you move, the faster work flows,
The faster work flows, the quicker it goes,
The quicker it goes, the sooner we're done,
The sooner we're done, the more time for fun!

(consider this wringle rhyme next time before accepting the 'Grand Prize' of more responsibility)


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